Have you always wanted to fly?

Flying in a simulator is a fun and an inexpensive way to be on the controls of an airplane or helicopter.
A real world FAA certified instructor will be on your side to give you flight simulator lessons.

Do you want to learn more about Aviation without studying and signing up for flight lessons?

Whether you are a brand new student, or have many hours of experience, Alaska Flight Simulator Academy can help you reach your goals. New students can learn how to take off an airplane for the first time, maneuver around the sky, and discover just how much fun flying an airplane can be. More experienced pilots can learn or review everything about navigation or learn more complicated instrument flying skills all without having to step foot in a airplane. Save time and money by taking advantage of all a simulator has to offer.

Thinking about getting a real pilot certificate?

Save more than a thousand dollars by flying in a simulator first. Alaska Flight Simulator Academy will set you on the right path to complete your private pilot rating by giving you all the information you need to begin flight training in a real airplane.